I’ve been on like this amazing sex high (even going out and buying lingerie for my husband’s 21st…… something I haven’t done in forever) and it’s amazing.

I usually wouldn’t do this but I’ll try to tag things nsfw in case anyone would still like to follow me just not have a whole bunch of my reblogged sex raging photos popping up hehe


my boyfriend is the coolest

I’ve lost weight, gained weight, I wear makeup, heavier makeup, no makeup, fancy clothes, sweatpants, shaved, unshaved, he thinks I’m hot and wants to f me all the time anyway.

that’s how boyfriends should always act.


i fucking did it


i fucking did it









1. Trust no one
2. Don’t take any

It’s not embarrassing if you look damn good in them though, right?

Fuck you. People can do what they want with their bodies. That was an invasion of privacy. So yeah fuck you.


No I think I am hitting the point here. Using that picture just shows you don’t have a valid argument.

I replied with this to an ask, but I’m leaving it here to clarify:

My post was simply saying, that one way to prevent them from being leaked is for the photos to simply not exist. I’m not siding with the hacker, that is just one way to prevent this from happening to you, personally. It’s not the actresses faults, either. I never said any of that.

It’s simple, really. Just like abstinence prevents pregnancy.

If you don’t have photos like that, they cannot be stolen and leaked. I’m not telling you to not take photos. I do not care. You can take them and send them to the whole football team, whatever.

Just be careful and understand what the risks are because I would really hate for this to happen to anybody else.

Don’t want to drown, don’t go swimming. Fool proof plan, but not realistic.

I bet the actress’ knew the risk. They took caution, some were even deleted to the best of their ability. The ladies shouldn’t have to worry about putting more security on a service that should be secure. I’ve never taken a nude, I probably never will just because I don’t want to, but if I did I shouldn’t have to worry about it being stored on a server or on a service that claims to be secure. That’s not my fault. It’s not the ladies’ faults. Being celebrities they probably know the risk is higher for them, but they did it anyway being careful. It’s not like they slipped up and sent them to someone on accident or posted it somewhere. They shouldn’t have to had worried about a hacker.

Nobody should have to worry about a hacker. But, that’s not realistic either… because they exist. It’s sad.

I can see where both of you are coming from. I just think you can never be too careful when it comes to the internet, no matter if it’s supposed to be a secured site. It just plain and simply isnt.

One of my high school teachers was telling me that her daughter was a professional hacker. No, seriously, she was. Companies would hire her to fix their servers (say in the event their computers crashed), fix their webpages, etc. She could do whatever they wanted her to without ever leaving her bedroom. My teacher was explaining to me how she could seriously get valuable information about peoples’ identities and could’ve easily gotten hold of their bank account information. Of course, she would never do that but she had the ability to.

Truth is, the servers protecting the icloud aren’t shit. Not compared to what some hackers are able to get into.

Edit: I should probably add that by “fix their webpage” I meant to make it less susceptible to other hackers. I don’t know the technicalities of what it’s all called or what it involves.




I read some of the Lets Not Meet stories on reddit and I’d thought of one of my own.

It was News Years Eve and me and a friend of mine were walking around her neighborhood. We were like 16. Really shouldn’t be out.

Anyways, in her subdivision they have a little playground near the tree line….

Oh hell no.

I’ve got one.

I was around 10 or 11 years old and I lived out in the boonies. Seriously like in the dead country where I had to bike to my friends house if I wanted to go somewhere.

Well one time we had been out of town and we were on our way back home. There’s no lights or anything once you’re out that far into the country.

So we’re just driving in our car in the pitch black middle of the night with our high beams on when all of a sudden we see a man on the side of the road. He was pointing to the corn field and just followed us with his eyes as we drove past.

I almost thought it was a scarecrow but 1) you don’t put a scarecrow on the side of the road NEXT to the cornfield and 2) his head moved to follow our car as we drove by while he stared at us.

It was the scariest fucking thing of my life and I almost tried to convince myself it was somehow a scarecrow.

I think it was his facial expression more than anything that creeped me out. He was like stone just staring at us and pointing to the field.




This is the best ASL Bucket Challenge I’ve seen so far.


oh my dear god